In Norwegian FRAM means ”forward”, and it underlines our belief that the only way to truly go forward is by acknowledging and honoring our past.

There was a time before throw-away society and planned obsolescence. A time when things were built to last. We wish to honor that part of human history. We yearn to be a part of it.
Nothing lasts forever, but man should always strive for longevity.
So let´s go back, back to where things were fine. Forward means rewind.

Fridtjof Nansen is one of the world’s most famous Norwegians. He was an explorer, and a pioneer in biology, climate research and humanetarian work.
The expidition with the Polar ship Fram (1893-96) stands as one of history´s most hazardous and successful.

FRAM’s collections offer contemporary classics with a twist.
Our vision is to create a brand with transseasonal pieces that can be worn throughout the year. Technical and natural textiles keep
you warm and dry in winter, and cool (and breathable) in the summer. This, in combination with elements that easily can be styled to you preference, emphasizes the message of a timeless and clean design.

The color palette is familar and harmonious, ranging from cold gray tones through warm beige and deep blue to shades of burgundy colors. All colors that survive the ever-changing trends.

FRAM combines quality and simplicity with an ambition of increased awareness and a healthier relationship with clothes – a counterweight to today’s growing focus on fast-fashion.